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Magic Blaster!! Our freelance Cyantists hail from the far flung reaches of South-West London. Award winning disk jockey Jon & twisted synth genius Matt have been making harsh tasty beats together since high school and were gathered up into the Hospital fold in summer 2002, after a tip off from High Contrast no less. With a series of 12"s, remixes and compilation appearances helping to build their diehard underground fanbase.

In 2005 they released Don't Follow a storming fast soul classic which featured the vocal talents of the legendary Diane Charlemagne, this brought their sound to a new audience and has remained in the boxes of many A-list d&b jocks ever since.

It was 2006 which saw the release of their Debut LP Ghetto Blaster; an epic album of futuristic beats which won instant plaudits from both fans and critics alike and really marked Cyantific's place in D&B history. Remix work and extensive touring followed, which takes us to 2007 - and the boys are back in their cyance lab (actually a barn in Hampton Wick) working on secret gene-splicing formulas to resurrect the musical spirit of Georgio Moroder and vintage Jonny L within a cutting edge jungle framework.

Jon's DJ sets are something to behold too, a fact that was recognised in march 2007 when Cyantific scooped the highly prized Best Breakthrough DJ award from BBC 1Xtra - this man has some serious skills, and he's on a mission to spread the gospel according to Cyantific far and wide. Rumours are rife; that he practices for over 12 hours per day; that he has magic arms and fingers; that he has special communication links to reptilian beings from another planet.


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