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Chris.SU is one of the commanding producers and DJs of the Hungarian scene, among others he has put his country on the map of drum and bass. Since his breaktrough track "Astro-Sine", released on Trace's label DSCI4 in 2002, his tunes have been in rotation from drum and bass' finest djs, including Klute, Teebee, Ed Rush & Optical, Matrix, Digital, Spirit, Concord Dawn, Ill.Skillz, BSE, Pendulum, Bailey, Flight, D-Bridge and Andy C.
Chris' musical career started early, as a cellist he had classical musical training since the age of 7. As soon he got his first PC in 1996 he immediately started producing electronic music in various genres such as hardcore techno, breakbeat and house. He remembers a gig in 1999 with Bad Company as one of his first big inspirations to start making drum'n'bass. A year later he got signed to Subscope Recordings and soon his first 12" has been released ("Time Warp" b/w "Angel"). Rousing on his success as a producer he decided to buy his own decks and started DJing. Since then he already had gigs in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and numerous European countries. Besides his own work Chris has made various collaborations with SKC, including Desert Siege (Commercial Suicide, 2004) and What's Happening (Hosptial, 2006). He is also involved in a project called TACTILE consisting of five people, Chris.SU, SKC, Longman, Bratwa and Safair. Their debut album SUPER SYSTEM (4x12 LP) has been recently released on Timeless Recordings.


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