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Since the birth of their Drum and Bass career in 2004, things have been moving extremely rapidly for this London based duo. From their debut release on Renegade Hardware (a remix of Future Cut's 20/20), a continuous output of quality music has followed, catapulting Chase and Status into the premiership of Drum and Bass.

2005 swiftly saw the release of massive club hits such as; 'Hoodrat', 'Menace', 'Iron Fist' and ?The Ten Tonne EP' on prominent labels such as Renegade Hardware, and B.C Presents, with additional remix duties for Mood 2 Swing's 'I Got Love' and MOBO award winning, Akala. It was however, with the release of their anthemic 'Loves' Theme' on Bingo that showcased Chase and Status as extremely versatile producers with the ability to cover all styles of Drum & Bass. DJ's: Andy C, Grooverider, Friction, Zinc, Pendulum, Fabio and Mampi Swift have shown huge support for their releases which has only been further affirmed by constant radio airplay.

2005 also saw Chase and Status release their massive BreakBeat Kaos anthem: 'Duppy Man' Ft Capleton B/W 'Top Shotta' Ft Roll Deep. Every Drum & Bass Dj heavily supported 'Duppy Man' and both tracks got great radio support on BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra (Including 'A' list playlist) from Mary Ann Hobbs to Skitz and Logan Sama on Kiss. The pair have also received good support for their breakbeat tunes under their 'Loopdigga' alias. 'Timewarp' on Guerilla Tactics has had regular rotation from Radio1 Dj?s, Annie Mac & Annie Nightingale, Kiss Fm?s, Tayo and the likes of Stanton Warriors, Aquasky, and The Breakfastaz.

In 2006 Chase and Status released the 'The Druids Ep' on Bingo, which contained the huge title track 'The Druids', 'Believe', 'Come Back' (Ft Top Cat) and 'Havoc' - All tracks received massive support from the full spectrum of the scene. Shortly after, the duo followed in the footsteps of Dj?s Marky and Friction, mixing the latest installment of the Bingo Mix compilations. It was later in the year that Shy Fx approached the duo to remix 'Everyday' Ft Top Cat on Digital Soundbwoy; Chase & Status obliged and the remix became as well know as the original and went on to sell well over its expectations. However it was on Jenna G's album 'For Lost Friends' that gave Chase & Status their biggest tune of the year with the mighty 'In Love'. Jenna G & Chase and Status won the accolade for 'Best Single' at the BBC 1Xtra Drum & Bass award in December voted by over 40 000 of 1Xtra listeners.

Not content with awards - Chase and Status continue to work harder than ever and have had a busy start to 2007 with the release of two huge remixes. Firstly there was their take on Brockie & Ed Solo's classic 'Represent' on Undiluted and shortly after saw the acclaimed remix of Plan B?s - 'No Good' on 679. The pair recently signed exclusively with Andy C & Red One's label, Ram Records. April 2007 saw the duo's debut Ram release with 'Dumpling Riddim' B/W 'Disco' which went straight in at Number 1 in the 1xtra Drum and Bass charts and Number 2 in the National Dance Charts on BBC Radio 1. Forthcoming, is the Chase and Status remix of, Mercury Music Prize winner, Dizzee Rascal's 'Sirens' on XL Recordings, and an exciting, highly anticipated album set for early next year, which will showcase the incredible versatility of these talented producers.

Quickly getting noticed for their mixing skills as well as their production, Chase and Status have gathered a hectic DJ schedule and can regularly be seen touring the world. Beginning their DJ careers just over 13 years ago, they have witnessed the constant stylistic changes the industry has been through and their sets really reflect this, covering a wide spectrum of Drum and Bass. They still cut dubplates week in week out and are well known for playing exciting sets, often combining different musical genres.


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Pressure LIVE on DNBRADIO.COM 20110715 1059 - Human Traffic Vol. 40.mp3
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Pressure LIVE on DNBRADIO.COM 20110304 1103 - Human Traffic Vol. 21.mp3
Proti - D'n'b In Da City (rerecorded).mp3
Pressure LIVE on DNBRADIO.COM 2010-04-01 0905 - Human Traffic.mp3
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Balistik - Assassin Sounds Show Aim balistikdj.mp3
Tongue Flap Podcast no.6andahalf - Mattix & Futile guest mix .mp3
DJ Thread-The Unraveled Chicken Sandwich 15.12.2009 .mp3
Rusher - Inner Conflict - Nov '09 Dubstep Mix.mp3
Mow - Liquid November Mix 2009.mp3
Camo and Krooked - KONGKAST #103 (Nov 2009).mp3
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