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Piers Bailey is a British Drum and Bass Producer, Songwriter and DJ who has been releasing records since 2002. He shot to recognition in 2003 after remixing Total Science's Nosher, the track became a classic and he became a sought after remixer, producer and DJ in the Drum and Bass genre.

In 2004 he signed a recording contract with Drum & Bass Label "Breakbeat Kaos", as well as this, he has his own label "Baron Inc". Known for his out and out dancefloor tracks, in 2005 he released "At the Drive In", a deeper and more powerful track than his previous work, which would set the tone for his forthcoming productions.

He spent 2006/7/8 creating an original (non Drum and Bass) soundtrack for the forthcoming Flip Skateboards DVD Extremely Sorry and is currently working on his debut drum and bass album for Breakbeat Kaos.

He has song-writing and production credits on TRIP's forthcoming Grime-Punk album, due for release in march 2009. He is the producer behind studio based production outfit Plus Minus Effect + - }. His Drum & Bass records are a regular feature on the BBC Radio 1 show's of Annie Mac and Zane Lowe.

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