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Last update: 2008-04-11 14:23:15

Bailey's passion first and foremost lies in being the best Selecta possible. He lives the life of a 100% DJ with a record collection that goes from early electro on up to the latest release lining his bedroom walls.

Always having been a DJ rather than a producer, Bailey is one of a select few that managed to climb to the very top of the dnb ladder without the help of production credits.

Bailey in 2006 is a Metalheadz resident of 10 years, an award winning radio host (1Xtra BBC), a label owner (Intasound), A&R assistant for Goldie's new label (Rufige) and is increasing a high profile as a producer with releases under his belt on Full Cycle, Metalheadz and soon for A Guy Called Gerald's new imprint called Protechshon.


MP3 related to Bailey

Bailey, Chase & Status, Blame & Selah, â?? Live @ 1Xtra D&B Show â?? 2009/10/21.mp3
NSFGHOSTRIDER - Alles kleber.mp3

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