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DJ Aphrodite aka Gavin King, is the man himself behind the Aphrodite Recordings empire. It all started way back in the summer of love '88' when Gavin became involved in the phonomona known as 'Acid House Music'. Running a club in Leamington Spa called Aphrodite, with partner in crime Adam Dyerson. Aphrodite is known for playing out a good vibe that ranges from classic to upfront and completely exclusive dubplates. His travels are far reaching. "I started out 12 years ago, DJing acid house, then I was there when it turned into hardcore and when it turned into jungle," Aphrodite Recordings is Gavin's solo and close associate label now releasing on V2 Records. With over 30 releases on the label Aphrodite's remixes and DJ'ing is exploding on a global scale. "It's always just me alone in my studio, working late at night. I don't have any set method for putting tracks together -- it's just whatever sounds good."

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