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DJ - Remixer - Producer - Singer - Songwriter - Nude Model

Blim aka, G, was raised on a diet of classical music, books, birds, football and John Peel But all that changed in 1989 when some fool played him a Sweet Exorcist track that opened his ears to the world of dance, the bass and the beat.

Drum and Bass addiction naturally followed, and in 1995 he signed to London jungle labels Sour & Emotif, going on to release 9 largely forgettable singles, snagging a residency at flagship night Movement and kicking off his international DJ career in, bizarrely, the Balkans.

After tiring of the DnB formula, in 1997 our Boy Lost In Music switched tempo and label to Botchit and Scarper, producing seminal tracks such as, 'Chronologic' and scene defining remixes with Freq Nasty, ultimately forming the scene's first (admittedly shortlived) supergroup "Kasha", with Chris Carter and the Massive Shara Nelson.

In 2001 Blim signed to TCR and compiled his Modernism mix CD which showcased cuts from his own newly formed label "Track" and the first of many collaborations with label boss and breakbeat Godfather Rennie Pilgrem in the shape of their anthemic "Eskimo".

There followed a string of diverse remixes capped by a now legendary tribute to Blame's '92 oldskool classic "Music Takes You", which won Breakspoll remix of the year 2002, until finally, his debut solo album, 'Lost In Music' was released in June 2003 to riots in the streets leading to him being whisked off worldwide, including a hugely successful tour of China and Southeast Asia and the Antipodes, returning to 3 nominations at the 2004 Breakspoll awards in which his and Rennie's "2 Freaks" picked up best single.

By the end of February 2005, Blim seemed to be spending more time abroad than at home having brought in the New Year playing at midnight under the Sydney Harbour Bridge then stopping off to play in New Zealand, Korea, Singapore and Thailand, making it home just in time for a live set on Radio One for the Breakspoll Awards at Fabric.

Since then the Boy has added to his lengthy discography with releases on Track and more of his distinctively bass heavy remixes whilst continuing to roam the globe, rocking the party with his unique blend of "tunes by me and my friends", recently notching up his 30th country gigged in the unlikely Kazakstan and re-entering the US after a 5 year exile following a post 9/11 immigration irregularity.

It's now 2007 and we find Blim preparing to celebrate the release of the next Track single "Blim vs Diverted's Give and Take" with the launch of his own new night "Tracktion" and Monday night i-breaks radio show of the same name before his traditional annual Breakspoll appearance (yawn) and migration to the southern Hemisphere.

He currently lives in a cave with wall to wall carpet in a secret location collecting material for his next album "Boy Meets Monkey" in which he expands his talents to singing, rapping and nude dancing. Rest assured though, he continues to produce riotous tunes for the world's edification. That means you!



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