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Adam Freeland is a UK-based DJ and producer synonymous with breakbeat based electronic music. Like his record label, Marine Parade, he is a resident of Brighton. As a producer, he formed half of Tsunami One with Kevin Beber, and released a solo album as Freeland; as a DJ he operates solo under his own full name.

In 1996, Adam Freeland's Coastal Breaks album heralded the beginning of something new - Breakbeat. By 1997 Adam had earned the respect of fellow DJs Sasha, Carl Cox and the Chemical Brothers. Since then Adam has released the Tectonics and On Tour mix albums, as well as a FabricLive mix, and groundbreaking Back To Mine. Freeland's debut artist album Now and Them, released in 2003, relied on influences from punk, hip hop, electro, dub, reggae and rock.And featured the hit record 'We Want Your Soul' Freeland's remix of Sarah Vaughan's 'Fever' was nominated for a Grammy and his personally requested mix of The Doors 'Hello, I Love You' has led to critical acclaim. He has just completed the latest in the Global Underground Series, which sees his style broaden further to span Drone rock, minimal, Electro punk , but all with a break beat backbone. Freeland describes the album's sound as 'E-drone'. Freeland's track Big Wednesday was used in the sound track of The Animatrix.

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